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Angela Davidson Animal Art

Other than art classes at school, Angela has received no formal art training, so the work you see here is a combination of raw talent and a self-taught apprenticeship. Angela works from her home in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and specialises in the creation of unique animal artwork.

Angela Davidson's art gallery and workshops thrive in rural Aberdeenshire, near Insch village, operated as a husband-wife partnership where Angela crafts original artworks while Sandy manages the business.

Angela's creative process unfolds in the split-level gallery, with visitors witnessing her using pastels or acrylic paint to bring her creations to life. Adjacent workshops handle the production of Angela's prints, utilising cutting-edge technology for efficiency.

In-house printing facilitates print-on-demand, maintaining high standards while solving storage issues. Angela's self-taught journey, sans formal training, reflects raw talent honed through years of dedication.

Her art, spanning close-ups of cows to all-black backgrounds, showcases her unique style. Proceeds from prints like "No Turning Back" support Great Ormond Street Hospital, inspired by their son Lawrie's medical journey.

The family's fundraising efforts, including raffling original artworks, have amassed over £15,000 for the hospital. Each sale echoes the sentiment that "life can take you anywhere," a reflection of Lawrie's resilience.

Experience Angela's prints and witness her passion firsthand at the gallery, where she insists it's "The best job in the world!"

Angela Davidson painting in her workshop in Scotland

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